Foundation Pack

For your treatment needs, this bundle includes Invisalign Cleaning Crystals for deep cleaning, an Invisalign Aligner Case for safe storage, and a pair of Munchies® to optimise the seating of your aligners.

1 x box of Invisalign Cleaning Crystals, 1 x Invisalign Aligner Case (black or pink), 1x Munchies (2 pack)
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Maximum quantity allowed is 5 units

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Goes great with

Slim, stylish design case keeps your Invisalign aligners and Vivera™ retainers secure at home a...

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How to use Cleaning Crystals


Remove aligners/retainers and rinse under tap water.


Place aligners/retainers into a cleaning container and fill with 100ml warm water (or immerse the aligners/retainers fully). Add one packet of cleaning crystals.


Gently shake/agitate for 20 seconds to dissolve and distribute crystals.


Let stand for 15 minutes, or more if you prefer. Gently shake/agitate again for 20 seconds.


Rinse the aligners/retainers and container thoroughly with warm water.

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Why Invisalign aligner cases


Invisalign aligner cases are made specifically for your Invisalign aligners.


No risk of leaching hazardous chemicals from Invisalign aligner cases to your Invisalign aligners.


Invisalign aligner cases are made from medical grade thermoplastic materials.


Invisalign aligner cases will not cause discoloration of Invisalign aligners.

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What are Munchies?

Munchies are fabricated to properly seat clear aligners.

Proper aligner seating increases the likelihood that pre-programmed force systems built into your aligners and designed to move your teeth are delivered as accurately and efficiently as possible.

Seating aligners properly helps your orthodontic treatment progress more predictably.