Invisalign™ Aligner and Retainer Case (Yellow)

Slim, modern coloured case keeps your Invisalign aligners and Vivera retainers secure at home and on the road. 
Aligners not included.
Maximum quantity allowed is 5 units

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Goes great with

Designed to remove plaque from aligners and retainers in about 15 minutes.

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Why Invisalign aligner cases


Invisalign aligner cases are made specifically for your Invisalign aligners.


No risk of leaching hazardous chemicals from Invisalign aligner cases to your Invisalign aligners.


Invisalign aligner cases are made from medical grade thermoplastic materials.


Invisalign aligner cases will not cause discoloration of Invisalign aligners.

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This slim, modern Invisalign case comes in a variety of colours, so you can choose the one that is right for you.

It protects your Invisalign aligners or retainers both at home and on the road.

A magnetic closure ensures the case is securely fastened, and a textured liner helps to minimise slipping and moving inside.

Spacing behind the hinge allows for ventilation. 

Additional notes

Case dimensions: 8.7cm diameter x 2.2cm high

For use with standard Invisalign aligners and Vivera retainers. Patients who have Invisalign aligners with precision wings should not use this case, as it may damage the aligner's precision wings. Store aligners and retainers in the case when not in use to minimise damage and loss.